Featured WOW Story August 10, 2022

The Weeknd

Special Effects: PyrotecnicoFX //
Client: The Weeknd //
Tour: After Hours til Dawn //
Where: US Tour //
photos via Alive Coverage at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA
The Story

"From a little spark, may burst a flame." - Dante | Our partnership with The Weeknd began back at Lollapalooza in 2015. They were looking to add pyrotechnic effects to their show. The Weeknd was set to perform in two back-to-back festivals, and the PyrotecnicoFX team pitched pyro for both. This led to more festivals, more effects, and ultimately a tour for The Weeknd. The two-month tour was a success. This was one of our first special effects tour gigs. The relationship circled back at the National Football Halftime Show in 2020—which led to conversations about the After Hours til Dawn Tour today. This tour, has been a monster success on many levels. We are very grateful and humbled to work with The Weeknd and all the crews, designers, technicians, and teams.

  • Strategy

    Pre-tour special effects design, with agile optimizations and additions during the tour to maximize audience impact at the individual show level.

  • Design

    End-to-end special effects show design: Pyrotechnics, Vertical Flame Bars, Smoke, Lasers, and more.

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