Super Bowl 2023

Let’s give ’em a show they’ll never forget! The Pyrotecnico crew delivered on this vision by providing fireworks and special effects throughout the Super Bowl this year. 

We were excited to amplify excitement with various entertainment solutions during several key moments of the Super Bowl LVIII. The football player’s entrance included cryo and lasers, the halftime show had lots of effects and fireworks, and we lit up the Lombardi trophy celebration too.

As a family company, Pyrotecnico is incredibly proud and grateful for the tireless dedication that our crews put into every type of fireworks show, large and small.

Pyrotecnico Fireworks Crew at Superbowl LVIII
Pyrotecnico crew | Pictured: Bob, Joe, Owen, Michael, RJ, Brandon, Mary, Doug, Christine, Jacob, Jack, Casey, Dave, Duane, Tony, Rylo, David, Rocco, Jason, Phil, Dimitri, Alex, Beckie, Dani, Rey, Ron. Not Pictured: Ray, Danny, and Tyler.

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